Providing Education for Girls- Update

Remember our friends Ana, Maria, Telma and Ana? They had no sponsors for their education. Thanks to your education proceeds, we just funded their education for a year!!! We couldn't be happier for them or you!

Big Differences Made in March

Record month! In March YOU:

1. Educated 70!!! Women for a month

2. Fed 40!!! kids for a month

3. Financed 9!!! loans for women for a month


The Girl Effect... Providing Education for Girls in Need.

Meet Ana, Maria, Telma and Ana. These beautiful girls currently don't have sponsors for their education. We want to help by focusing all our Education proceeds directly towards their future by providing funding for their schooling for at least a year.

If you would like to support these girls through your next purchase, please mark Education in the "Notes" portion of the Shopping Cart before check out.

Check out this 3 minute video to learn more about the importance and effects of education a girl.