Making a Difference in February

This is our favorite part-the real change. We hope you love seeing what you've done as much as we do. 

|| February Results. ||

1. Educated 61 women for a month
2. Fed 38 children for a month
3. Provided microfinancing for 8 women for a month.

In January You...


Here we thought January would be a down month-thanks for proving us wrong! YOU:

Educated 41 women for a month

Fed 27 kids for a month

Provided microfinancing for 6 women for a month.

We are beyond grateful and amazed by how many lives are being changed through your support and purchases. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and the heart in Guatemala.  (Psssst- You also may recognize your bag style from these beautiful huipiles these women are wearing and making).

Humble Circumstances

We have made wonderful progress in such a short time, but these heartbreaking reports continue to remind us the primary reason we do what we do:

This past year, World Link Partners has witnessed some of the most dire situations in the villages of Alta Verapaz and surrounding areas due to the collapse of two crops through disease: coffee and cardamom. This has forced many of the men to leave the villages in search for employment, leaving the women and children at home, alone with no food in their houses. One representative visited the home of a family where the father had passed away ; the mother had found work for 10 Quetzales a day ($1.28). The children had been left alone and hadn’t eaten in four days.

World Link Partners is using the proceeds of your purchases to support programs that help families such as these. These programs help educate women on proper nutrition and nutrition for their families. The good news is that these families and children in dire need are getting support from Humble Hilo (YOU) and other donors to help them break the cycle of poverty. Please look at some of these before and after pictures-they speak for themselves. Again, we can’t say it enough- we are so grateful for your support. We can’t wait to see what this year brings-we know it will be remarkable.