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Inspired by the beauty of the Pioneer Valley outside our studio windows in western Massachusetts, these candles capture a piece of where we live. We have updated this popular candle design to be more fingerprint-resistant, plus added a back label explaining how each is made for good!

Tobacco Barn Candle: Influenced by our love affair with the weather-worn tobacco barns that dot our landscape, this candle harks back to a time when tobacco leaf was one of the region's most abundant crops. The scent is a sophisticated blend of rich tobacco leaves and aged cedar with notes of amber and leather, and a touch of musk, spice and pimento berry essential oils... a great scent for both women and men.

Apiary Candle: What is an apiary? A place for honeybees! This candle is a tribute to the beekeepers of the Pioneer Valley who are keeping bee culture alive and well so that our fruits, vegetables and flowers continue to thrive. We blend bee, soy and touch of coconut waxes with earthy and refreshing herbal scents - on top of the natural note of honey - to create a gorgeous fragrance for our newest Pioneer Valley Candle.  

Woodland Walk Candle: The newest addition to our Pioneer Valley collection has arrived! Nestled in the hills of western Massachusetts, we love exploring the woods around us. This candle captures those walks perfectly. White cedar and oak are balanced with juniper berry, a hint of clove, and gentle lavender from a nearby meadow.

The antique amber glass, wood wick and kraft label complete a look and feel dedicated to the heritage of where we live. Each Pioneer Valley Candle is 7 oz and burns approximately 35 hours. Soy blend, easily recycled when finished. Click on the candle details tab above for more information.

Artwork on the labels by local artist and architect, Scott Laidlaw.

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