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Eco-Kitchen Box Gift Set

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Send a gift of gratitude to a dinner party host or gift yourself with a bit of pampering with this Eco-Kitchen gift box set.

The unique items are hand chosen to feature eco-friendly products that that will keep any kitchen sparkling and smelling crisply clean.


  • Swedish Dish Cloths 3-Pack: Reusable and Washable: You can use this durable, eco-friendly cleaning cloth again and again
  • Lift It Up - Bamboo Soap Dish: A soap dish will increase the life of any bar soap, lifting it up so it doesn't sit in a pool of excess water  
  • Loofah Dish Sponge: Single Layer 3-Pack: 100% biodegradable Loofah Dish Sponges replace traditional foam and plastic sponges for dishwashing and household cleaning. Made 100% from loofah plants 
  • Lavender Lemon Dishwashing Soap Bar: plastic-free dishwashing soap bars suds really well for hand washing dishes, cutting grease, and even cleaning your kitchen, powered with coconut and essential oils 
  • Sisal Multipurpose Hand Brush Eco-Friendly ergonomic wooden handle with sisal plant fiber bristles (agave plant)

All products by Me Mother Earth

Make your gifting easy. Enjoy sending this ready-to-open, beautifully boxed gift set to anyone you want to pamper.

100% sustainable, 100% perfect in any bathroom

Projects We Support

Humble Hilo works in partnership with the humanitarian organization, The Humble Village, providing job opportunities in the local communities. Further, we are donating a portion of all Humble Hilo profit to three programs that make sustainable differences in the lives of Guatemala’s most vulnerable populations.