SWAG: Shoes - Wrap - Accessories - Games

Whether you have 5 kids or are 5 months pregnant every mother dreams of their little ones looking at them with big eyes and saying “You’re the best mom ever”. Following this guide will ensure that you not only are equipped to be in this year's running for best mother award, but will also make sure your child is stylin’. You just have to remember one thing...SWAG: Shoes - Wrap - Accessories - Games

This post will provide you with our favorite products mothers and children can’t do without! You’ve likely heard of some, but hopefully you’ll find a few new gems in there as well! It’s also a great one to look at if you’re rushing to a baby shower and want to find an affordable gift for under $50.


Zuzii shoes are to die for. They are handmade and fit like a dream.  If we could one in each size, we would.  Every.single.style is adorable. They just make the best shoes.  $48+

Humble Hilo we couldn’t write a blog post without including our most darling line of children’s sandals. All of the sandals are individually handcrafted with love from Guatemala. Through the purchase of any of our products you can choose to support a humanitarian project, supporting nutrition, education, or self reliance. #purchasewithapurpose $25


Aden Swaddle Ensures that babies are comfortable and happy. The right wrap is essential. To a mother’s peace of mind and a babies good night sleep. These swaddles are soft, breathable and keep your child at a comfortable temperature. This versatile cloth can be used as a burp cloth, nursing cover, stroller cover, etc. 4 for $34

Covered Goods is for the mom who is always moving. And let’s face it, what mom isn’t always on the move? We love this product. Between this item functioning as a nursing cover, carseat cover, grocery cart cover and a scarf there is always a need for it.  This company has something for every style of mom. $35+


Little Poppy Co We have been using these bows for months and cannot say enough great things about it. It's like Christmas morning every beginning of the month.  We are so excited to share! It’s a stylish bow subscription (they mail 3 precious bows monthly). You just choose between clip vs. elastic and it’s delivered to your door. Two sisters (in-law) are the creators and each bow is hand-crafted! $11.99 monthly

Mama & Little If you’ve heard that teething is terrible we’ve found you and your baby a remedy. These modern teething necklaces are soothing and stylishly chic for your growing babies! They are BPA free and of the highest quality, allowing their soft texture to feel good on sore, teething gums. $25


Vulli Sophie the Giraffe as if you haven’t already heard enough about this infamous giraffe. Sophie is everywhere but all children love her. This French-made giraffe stimulates all five senses from the time your young one is 3 months old. Sophie is made of 100% rubber and is sold on every continent. We found her on Amazon for $19 #momhack

There are endless games on the App Store (for iPhone users) and Google Play (for android users) to allow your toddlers/ children to use to enable early learning and uplifting entertainment. We’re listing the best apps that are free, so check ‘em out on your phone now!

Youtube for Kids So great to have a clean/ filtered version of YouTube that also enables a timer. Other favorites above are ABC a Go-Go, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and Balloon Baby School.       

These products are tried and true. We hope you love them as much as we do!

mil gracias!


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