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Humble Hilo - Guatemala Doc
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Check out our mini documentary that gives you behind the scene look about who we are and what we are all about. We are passionate about our social mission and are so grateful for your support. These are just a few of many examples of women and families that YOU are helping through your purchases.




Just like one ordinary strand of thread can make an extraordinary product; we believe ordinary people can do extraordinary things-you are living proof. Founders Lauren and Erica are a passionate pair that mix fashion with philanthropy. With more than 7 years spent in Guatemala working with non-profit organizations, we want to do more than just sell products; we want to create a change. We have traveled back to bring fashion-forward items to market. These unique items mix ancient techniques with modern style that will set you apart from the rest. More importantly, we want you to take part in our philanthropic mission by selecting from one of our three amazing projects: Infant and Child Nutrition, Education, and Microfinance for Women. A portion of your purchase will go to support one of these projects and will not only change you, but change the future of someone in need.
Being women and mothers helps fuel our passion for not only the cause, but also helps us truly understand our customers and create products that resonate. We are constantly inspired by our customers and feed off of their excitement from our products and projects; it helps keep us motivated to continue to do what we do.

Lauren had the eye opening and life changing opportunity to live in the remote villages in the Alta Verapaz region of Guatemala for several months while working on her Master's Thesis with the World Health Organization in the area of Maternal and Child health. She fell in love with the people and the country as she lived and worked among them. She saw first hand the daily challenges that these impoverished villagers face just to survive. She spent her days hiking from one remote village to the next, measuring and weighing malnourished infants and children, while also working with their desperate and hopeless mothers to try to come up with any solutions to their dire situations. Countless times she held malnourished babies that didn’t live to see the next day, counseled mothers that didn’t have a way to provide for their 6-10 hungry children at home while their husband were living in other parts of Guatemala trying to find work, and saw first hand many villagers that were stuck in a cycle of poverty with no way out and not hope. She has spent the last several years dedicating her time and efforts trying to increase awareness and raise funds to to help create opportunity for these villagers. Lauren currently volunteers as the Director of
 World Link Partners, a Non-Profit Organization that works in behalf of the people of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, and is the Founder of The Humble Village.

Erica has a Bachelor of Science in Community Health and years of experience running her own successful shoe boutique. Having traveled extensively through Mexico, Guatemala and Spain, she has grown to love the Latin American culture and quickly shared Lauren’s passion with World Link Partners. She also formed a vision of doing more than selling beautiful handmade Guatemalan textiles - she wanted a vehicle to create awareness and change. It was a match made in heaven from the beginning. Erica keeps the day to day business running with her countless talents and savvy business skills.


Humble Hilo:
Mixing Fashion with Philanthropy

Humble Hilo not only brings beautiful handmade and unique Guatemalan textiles to you, but we are also creating opportunities and changing lives. By buying our products, you are not only supporting families in need of employment, but a portion of EVERY item you buy will go back to directly benefit those in great need by supporting projects. YOU get to choose to support projects in child nutrition, education and literacy for women, and microfinance loans for women to start their own small business to help break the cycle of poverty and help create opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities. The effects of what you are helping us do through your support are endless…

We are confident that change is possible, and we hope that through your support and awareness, you can be a part of helping to change the lives of Guatemalan people in great need. We are excited to share this journey that is Humble Hilo, with you. We look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions and creating a common thread with you. Mil Gracias. 


Learn more about our non-profit partner, The Humble Village