About Us

Who We Are

Humble Hilo’s mission is to create the maximum impact by sourcing wonderful handmade products from local artisans around the world. Not only do we partner with vendors that are fair trade, fair wage, women empowering, eco-friendly and/or small makers, but we generously support The Humble Village Project. To learn more about the heroic efforts happening in Guatemala, visit The Humble Village Project.

The Founders

How It Started

Lauren and Erica founded Humble Hilo after witnessing countless malnourished children and hopeless mothers in the remote villages of Guatemala. They took on themselves to increase awareness and raise funds to develop opportunities for this vulnerable population. Behind every product there’s a woman trying to provide a better life for her family.


Why Here?

On average a typical Mayan woman has seven children, a first-grade education, and provides for her family on 44 cents per day. Coupled with inaccessible healthcare, child malnutrition and lack of clean water, a catalyst is necessary to transform this dire reality. With every product sold, a portion of our profit goes to one of three programs that make a sustainable impact in the lives of the Guatemalans in greatest need: nutrition and health, education and training, and economic sustainability. Read more at The Humble Village Project


What We Offer

We blend ancient techniques with modern style to create beautiful, unique handmade accessories. With each item bought, you choose to support either child nutrition, education for women, or women’s entrepreneurial opportunities with your purchase. We are very proud to partner with you in mixing fashion with philanthropy.