For those of you who chose to support "Microcredit Projects" during checkout...Here is one of many real-life stories of women whose lives have been changed because of your support.

Meet Maria and Carlota

Maria (22 years old) and Carlota (22 years old) are from remote villages of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Through the support of Humble Hilo in conjunction with World Link Partners, they had the opportunity to train with the Asociacion de Mujeres Tejadores de Solola (The Association of Women Weavers) for 3 weeks in a different region of Guatemala. This experience was shocking for these two women who had never left their community. During this 3 weeks, they received business training and learned skills to develop new fabrics and methods of weaving. They learned how to use natural dyes extracted from flowers, roots, and leaves and other organic materials that can be found in their region to dye their thread. They then were trained on how to weave these threads in to beautiful scarves and other clothing that they will be able to sell and start a small business of their own.  This opportunity has opened doors that will change their lives and allow them to provide for their families and communities. They are beyond grateful. 

Maria and Carlota proudly receiving their certificates of completion from the Asociacion de Mujeres Tejedoras 


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