Humble Deeds


At Humble Hilo, our overall goal is to promote and create change. We can best accomplish this with your help. We want YOU to continue to be involved in our mission by taking part in our Humble Deeds project. 

Let's Start With Your Humble Deeds

  1. Put on your Humble Deeds bracelet and do something good!
    This can be big or small, but just do something to make a difference
    in the life of someone, or in the world around you. 

  2. Give your second bracelet to someone that has impacted your life
    or the person you choose to serve. Be sure to tell them why.

  3. TAG US! We want to hear and share your stories to help inspire others.
    Post a photo with the hash tag #humbledeeds

  4. We hope that as you wear your Humble Deeds bracelet, you'll be
    reminded that YOU are the good in the world, YOU are what
    makes a difference, and YOU are what creates change.

To purchase and participate in our Humble Deeds project click HERE