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Style: Breast Cancer

Size: Small (7 1/4")

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Relate bracelets are handmade and sold to make a difference and change lives. As a 100% not-for-profit social enterprise, the majority of the revenue is donated to credible causes and invested in social upliftment initiatives, with a focus on creating opportunities for all involved, at every stage of a project.

Whenever you buy and wear Relate bracelets, you know that your contribution will reach the causes and people for whom it was meant, and ultimately change lives.

Size Chart: (measured from end to end)

Small 7 1/4"

Medium 7 1/2"

Large 8 1/8"

Projects We Support

Humble Hilo works in partnership with the humanitarian organization, The Humble Village, providing job opportunities in the local communities. Further, we are donating a portion of all Humble Hilo profit to three programs that make sustainable differences in the lives of Guatemala’s most vulnerable populations.