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Our last shipment is here and is flying off the shelves.  Good news is we have more products being posted on a regular basis AND you can have the inside... Read More

Nutritional Update

Another update of a baby that has benefitted from the Nutrition program that you have supported. Came in severely malnourished and underweight and is now at a healthy weight and,... Read More

April Givings

What happened to April-it felt like a blink! Well, we set another record together, YOU: 1⃣ Educated 103 women for a month 2⃣ Fed 69 children for a month 3⃣... Read More

Women's Microcredit Scarves- Update

If you look back, you'll see a previous post of Maria and Carlotta, two girls that, with your help of Microfinance, have now been trained to make beautiful, elaborate scarves... Read More

Humble Hilo Photo Shoot

Here is a sneak peak to our most recent photo shoot featuring our bags, sandals, rompers... the photos say it all Photo shoot by Ben Christensen- Flowers by Posey... Read More

Providing Education for Girls- Update

Remember our friends Ana, Maria, Telma and Ana? They had no sponsors for their education. Thanks to your education proceeds, we just funded their education for a year!!! We couldn't... Read More

Big Differences Made in March

Record month! In March YOU: 1. Educated 70!!! Women for a month 2. Fed 40!!! kids for a month 3. Financed 9!!! loans for women for a month  THANK YOU  Read More

The Girl Effect... Providing Education for Girls in Need.

Meet Ana, Maria, Telma and Ana. These beautiful girls currently don't have sponsors for their education. We want to help by focusing all our Education proceeds directly towards their future... Read More

Making a Difference in February

This is our favorite part-the real change. We hope you love seeing what you've done as much as we do.  || February Results. ||1. Educated 61 women for a month2.... Read More

In January You...

  Here we thought January would be a down month-thanks for proving us wrong! YOU: Educated 41 women for a month Fed 27 kids for a month Provided microfinancing for... Read More