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Humble Circumstances

We have made wonderful progress in such a short time, but these heartbreaking reports continue to remind us the primary reason we do what we do: This past year, World... Read More

Microcredit Project- Meet Maria and Carlota

For those of you who chose to support "Microcredit Projects" during checkout...Here is one of many real-life stories of women whose lives have been changed because of your support. Meet Maria and... Read More

Making a Difference in December

The month of December is a month of giving-you all did this two fold! You gifted our beautiful bags to loved ones and you gave the chance of a better... Read More

Humble Hilo Education Project

When you choose Education, here is what your proceeds do: When a girl, like Irma, starts as a 7th grader, every girl receives an academic scholarship (75-80% of their tuition... Read More

What's In A Name

We thought a little explanation of our name was in order: Hilo means thread in Spanish. The thread is both a literal nod to the material and the thread that... Read More

In Just the Month of November...

In November you: 1. Provided literacy classes for 42 women for one month! 2. Provided 1 month of microfinancing for 10 women! 3. Provided 33 infants meals for 1 month!... Read More

Humble Hilo Child Nutrition Project

Whether you have a little or a lot, be thankful; it's a little or a lot more than someone else. When you choose to support "Nutrition" when you make a... Read More

Humble Beginnings

Many have asked about how Humble Hilo came to be, so we thought we’d start by telling you a little bit about who we are and why we are doing... Read More

Humble Hilo- Making a Difference One Girl at a Time

  CLICK HERE to see how we are trying change the world one girl at a time (   People in the region of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, and other areas... Read More